Sunday, March 16, 2008

UAE chess opens doors to foreign players
By K.R. Nayar, Senior Reporter
March 11, 2008
Dubai: Chess players from abroad can play in UAE's domestic tournaments from this year.
Following a meeting of the development and marketing committee of the UAE Chess Federation, it has been decided to open the doors for players from abroad.

In the chess championship to be organised for the various companies in the UAE, the participating companies can hire players from any part of the world to represent them. It is part of the the federation's effort to make chess very competitive in the UAE.
The UAE Chess Federation has also decided to start five new championships as part of their effort to attract people from different community into the game.
The tournament for companies will commence from May 2008. It will be open for all companies in the UAE which can furnish a trade license. It will be team tournament (4+2 (reserve) event. The second tournament will be for government organisation (Local and Federal departments).
Inter-university event:
Plans are also on to stage a competition for Higher Education establishments. It will include an inter-Universities team tournament.
To spot talent at the grass root level a championship for private and public schools will also be held.
Though UAE stages some of the finest junior championships in the region, there has been a shortage of junior domestic tournaments.
These tournaments will be followed by a championship for embassies in the UAE and expatriate communities. The UAE Chess Federation will also host seminars. The first seminar will throw light on Internet and soft ware for chess. An invitation for all clubs and communities will given by the UAE Chess Federation to take active part in the promotion of the game here.

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